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Your eyes and good vision are one of the most important parts of “You”.  At Envision Eye and Laser, Dr. Renee Bovelle and her team employ a patient oriented approach to delivering expert ophthalmic care.  Her practice philosophy emphasizes high quality treatment personalized to the patient’s medical needs, expectations and lifestyle.  Dr. Bovelle combines her excellence in medical and ophthalmic training, her surgical expertise, state of the art technology and gentle bedside manner to treat her patients.  She works with your primary care physician to optimize your vision and overall wellness.  Some of the conditions treated and services offered include: Comprehensive Eye Care, Cornea and Refractive Surgery, Refractive Cataract SurgeryLASIKBotox, Dermal Fillers, Dry Eye, Diabetic Eye exams, GlaucomaKeratoconus , Ptyergium and Wellness and nutritional therapy.  At Envision Eye and Laser, Your Best Vision is our Focus.

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What are you considering

At Envision Eye and Laser, Dr Bovelle can help you to Achieve the Best Vision of You! 

Envision Yourself with Great Vision!

Your Eyes are the windows to your health.  Find out how diabetes, high blood pressure, dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, thyroid problems and arthritis can affect your vision.

Envision Yourself with with Less Sweating!

Botox® can also be administered to reduce excessive under arm sweating. It can be used for an important event, during hot weather (preserve those silk blouses), or year-round (less dry cleaning of cashmere sweaters).

Envision Yourself Rejuvenated!

If dynamic wrinkles (related only to the movement of underlying muscle) are starting to make you look older or more “negative”, Botox® can help restore the rested, confident appearance you desire.

Find out how dermal fillers can replace lost facial volume and fill in hollows and static wrinkles. Find out how our skinceuticals can enhance your appearance prolong the effects of Botox and Dermal fillers.

Envision Yourself without Cataracts!

New advances in surgery and cutting edge lens technology allow most patients to function without glasses after cataract surgery.

Envision Yourself seeing better with LASIK!

WaveScan® technology identifies and measures imperfections in an individual’s vision 25 times more precisely than standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. CustomVue™ is an individualized laser vision correction treatment that is WaveScan®-guided.

Envision Yourself Healthier!

Dr Bovelle is a member of the Ocular Nutrition Society. Learn how you can benefit from vision supplements. Learn how you can have more energy without that agitated, jittery feeling. Learn about nutritional supplements and radiation.

Envision Yourself with Healthier Eyelids!

Find out what treatments are available for red, droopy or puffy eyelids  and dark circles.