We’ve all heard the popular saying: you’re as young as you feel. But no matter how many youthful thoughts you have in your mind, there’s no denying that sporting heavy, tired and downright saggy eyelids can add unwanted years to your appearance.

Heavy and saggy eyelids aren’t just a cosmetic concern; in fact, they can be a major hindrance to your vision. Heavy eyelids can block the overhead visual field, thus resulting in decreased vision that can prove to be a major hassle if left uncorrected – not to mention downright dangerous.

Whether you want to banish unwanted years from your face or you’d simply like to enjoy 100% unrestricted vision, let the highly trained and professional experts at Envision Eye & Laser Center (conveniently located near Bowie, MD and Washington, D.C) help you do something about it!

The Envision eyelid lift procedure (also known by its technical term, “blepharoplasty”) is a surprisingly simple procedure that can be done from the comfort of our outpatient center. After a consultation with Dr. Bovelle at the Envision Eye & Laser Center, you’ll be taken to the outpatient center, where a highly trained and experienced technician will begin the eyelid lift procedure. You’ll be given a gentle sedative and local anesthesia, which allows for a quicker recovery time. The entire process takes about an hour, and recovery time is quick, meaning you won’t have to take weeks off from work just to recover from the procedure.

During the first few days of your total recovery time (which usually lasts for about one month), you’ll need to apply a cold compress to your eyes to reduce swelling and bruising. You’ll need to apply a special antibiotic ointment to the treated areas in order to avoid infections (this is provided by the Envision Eye & Laser Center). A week into your recovery, you’ll come in for a quick follow-up, where Dr. Bovelle or one of the technicians will remove your stitches. All in all, your appearance will be back to normal within a month – expect, however, you’ll look years younger and be able to make total use of your new unobstructed vision.

At the Envision Eye & Laser Center near Bowie, MD and Washington, D.C. we do more to give you the kind of vision and appearance you deserve. Visit us for a consultation today to see why more people are entrusting Envision Eye & Laser Center with all their eye care needs. Simply fill out the form in the top left corner, or give us a call at 301-805-4664.