contact lens tipsIf you wear contact lenses, chances are that you’re so used to them that you barely think about popping them into your eye.  And let’s face it: if we’re being truthful here, there may be times when you skip cleaning your lenses, or – sin of sins – fallen asleep without taking your contact lenses out.

If you think these peccadilloes won’t impact your overall eye health, it’s time to think again.  Your contact lenses aren’t an aesthetic improvement or a simple tool; they’re an advanced medical device that you put on one of your most valuable body parts: your eye.  What’s more, your eyes – especially the fragile mucus membrane where your contacts sit – are highly susceptible to infection, disease, and a host of other problems.  Throw dirty or dry contact lenses into the mix, and you’re creating a perfect storm for an eye infection, scarring, or worse: blindness.

At Envision Eye & Laser Center, Renee Bovelle, MD, and her team of staff are dedicated to providing you with the practices and hygiene habits that can help keep your eyes healthy for the rest of your life.  Whether this is the first time you’ve ever worn contacts or the thousandth, consider integrating these practices into your daily contact lens routine:

  • Always wash your hands before placing contacts into your eyes.  You won’t believe the number of patients who skip this step, as it’s become an automatic part of their daily routine.  Wash your hands thoroughly, and dry them properly before handling anything that goes into your eyes.
  • You don’t clean out your contacts before putting them in your eyes.  As soon as you remove your contacts from your case with (clean!) hands, place one in the palm of your hands, squeeze a small puddle of contact lens solution over the contact, and carefully rub it around in the solution with your other hand’s index finger.  Give it one last rinse before placing it into your eye.
  • Always replace the contact lens solution in your case.  Some people may not rinse out the case each and every day, but this can lead to a build-up of bacteria, direct, and other eye-harming particles.  What’s more, ensure that you’re using brand name contact lens solution that has been recommended by your doctor.

If you need contact lenses or have any questions about preserving your ocular health while wearing these medical devices, visit Dr. Bovelle at Envision Eye & Laser Center in Glenn dale, MD. We’re just a short drive from Bowie, Silver Spring, Baltimore, and Washington DC.