risk of eyelash extensionsAt first glance, eyelash extensions may seem to be the ultimate statement in glamour and fashion.  With more celebrities sporting extra-long eyelashes, it’s no surprise to realize that eyelash extensions are growing in popularity.

However, when it comes to preserving your ocular health, it seems as though this trend should take a backseat: consumer reports have shown that eyelash extensions can cause allergic reactions and even infection.  In addition to these critical risks, women are discovering that eyelash extensions can cause their natural eyelashes to fall out, which causes a vicious and ironic cycle that’s hard to miss.

At Envision Eye and Laser Center in Bowie, Maryland – also serving the greater Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland areas – Renee Bovelle, MD and her team pride themselves on ensuring that patients are supplied with the most relevant information about maintaining excellent eye health.  That’s why it’s critical for patients to understand that no matter how great eyelash extensions may look, they may not be worth the risk.

The Main Culprit Behind Eyelash Extensions

So why are there so many health risks associated with eyelash extensions?  Simple: the glue used to adhere eyelash extensions –comprised of synthetic fibers – usually contains a formaldehyde ingredient that can increase your risk of irritation, infection and allergic reaction.

Eyelash extensions have also been shown to increase your risk of picking up conjunctivitis, or keratitis, a condition in which the ey’s cornea becomes inflamed, which can be very painful.  The risk is so great that in Japan – where eyelash extensions are especially popular – the number of patients seeking eye-clinic consultations has skyrocketed.

If you think you can escape these health risks with temporary eyelash extensions, think again: even false eyelashes carry their own drawbacks.  The simple act of removing false eyelashes can cause your hairs to fall out, leaving you with a thin look.  This can prompt many patients to seek out eyelash extensions again, thus continuing a vicious cycle that is ultimately damaging to your ocular health.

Preserve Your Eye Health at Envision Eye and Laser Center

Whether you’ve used eyelash extensions before or are simply looking to preserve the health and well-being of your eye, visit Envision Eye and Laser Center in Bowie, Maryland today (also serving the greater Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland areas).