Let’s face it: you’ve always thought about having LASIK eye surgery, but you’ve never got around to actually pursuing it.  Perhaps you think getting 20/20 vision through a simple laser procedure will have too much of an impact on your budget.  Perhaps you’re worried that you’ll have to visit a costly Washington, D.C. eye clinic for a high-quality LASIK experience.  Or perhaps you’re simply used to the endless status quo of eyeglasses, contact lenses and blurry vision.

Well, it’s time to put that status quo to rest – because at Envision Eye & Laser Center P.A. (located near Bowie, MD and Washington, D.C.), Dr. Bovelle is providing clients with a revolutionary approach to affordable yet highly reputable LASIK eye surgery.

So what exactly is LASIK eye surgery – and what will you experience as soon as you walk through the doors of Envision Eye & Laser Center?

Chances are you’ve heard of LASIK eye surgery, and how this simple procedure has revolutionized the way people address their lifelong vision problems.  Envision Eye & Laser Center takes the LASIK procedure up a notch by utilizing a two-step process, which promises better results than traditional surgery:

  • The Envision Eye & Laser Center technicians use the Intralase® laser, which creates a precise flap for the procedure.
  •  Once the Intralase® laser has been used, your technician will then proceed with a Wave Front CustomVue laser, which allows for more precise vision correction than with glasses or contact lenses.  In fact, this advanced technology allows technicians to accurately identify vision problems with up to 25 times more precision than traditional vision-correction methods.

By utilizing only the most advanced vision correction lasers in the industry, Dr. Bovelle and the technicians at Envision Eye & Laser Center have made it possible for more candidates to qualify for laser surgery.  Additionally, as these technologies are far more precise than traditional eye surgery lasers, this means it’s far more likely that you’ll have a successful surgery.

It’s just the kind of superior eye laser surgery experience you’ll come to expect from Envision Eye & Laser Center!

Dr. Bovelle and the Envision team understand that their clients are looking for more than the best technology in the eye laser industry – they’re looking for a convenient customer experience that makes them feel valued.  Given the Envision Eye & Laser Center’s approach to customer services – and it’s incredibly convenient location to Washington, D.C. – it’s no wonder more people are turning to Dr. Bovelle for all their laser eye surgery needs.

If you’re ready to discover what crystal-clear vision really looks like, then visit Dr. Bovelle at the Envision Eye & Laser Center near Bowie, MD and Washington, D.C. today! Simply fill out the form in the top left corner, or call us at 301-805-4664.