If you’ve dismissed the old wives’ tale that carrots actually improve your eyesight, you may want to rethink their sound advice.  Unfortunately, however, in today’s world, the carrots may not have as much nutritional value as they did in your grandmother’s day.  The Nutrition Security Institute states  “ Food grown in nutrient deficient soil lacks the nutrients needed to keep people healthy. Studies reveal that the nutritional values in food have declined significantly over the past 70 years. The declines in the nutritional values in food have been attributed to mineral depletion of the soil, loss of soil microorganisms along with changes in plant varieties.

Without adequate nutrition from food, we become susceptible to disease.  Simply stated … a lack of nutrients leads to malnutrition … malnutrition leads to disease.”   According to recent research, nutraceuticals – otherwise known as pharmacy grade vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants – can be used not only to correct deficiencies found in the modern diet, but also to improve the quality of your eyesight and general  health .

For example, numerous studies have shown that a deficiency of vitamin A within your diet can lead to a host of eyesight problems, including heightened sensitivity to light, dry eyelids, tired eyes, increased susceptibility to eye infection, and much more.  Prolonged deficiencies of vitamin A have even been directly linked to eye diseases and blindness.

Nutraceuticals are also important in protecting the eyes against the chronic damage our eyes endure in the outside world.  Think about it: with today’s lifestyle, our eyes are continually exposed to heavy amounts of pollution and free radical damage.  Add the usual amount of wear and tear on top of it, and it’s easy to see why the medical community is ready to make nutraceuticals part of the average person’s diet.

As you can see, we’re not only what we eat – our eyesight health depends on it.

At Envision Eye & Laser Center in Bowie, MD (also serving the greater Washington, DC area), we understand how important it is not just to maintain your eye health from the outside, but from the inside as well.  That’s why our expert technicians offer nutraceuticals from AmeriSciences, an advanced molecular nutrition researcher that is partnered with NASA scientists.  AmeriSciences products were developed to provide astronauts with vital nutrition; additionally, these products have a bioavailability rate of 95% (or the amount we can restore); the industry average is only 50%.

The AmeriSciences products offered at Envision Eye & Laser Center include OS2, which is the omega-3 product approved by NASA.

When you make an appointment with Envision Eye & Laser Center, we’ll work with you to determine your current eye weaknesses, and how nutraceuticals – including AmeriSciences products – can help to correct those deficiencies.  Many of our patients are often surprised at how their diets are contributing to their eyesight problems – and we believe that by emphasizing the importance of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, we can help more patients enjoy better eyesight without always resorting to surgical procedures.

Dr. Bovelle believes that you deserve no less than what our astronauts take.  They can choose the best in the world and they choose Amerisciences.

Contact the Envision Eye & Laser Center in Bowie, MD and Washington, DC today to discover how Amerisciences can change your eyes – and your life – for the better. Simply fill out the form in the top left corner or call us at 301-805-4664.