For older individuals who enjoy the freedom of driving, recent research indicates that you’re more likely to be at risk for traffic accidents – and your vision is one of the primary reasons behind this elevated risk.

According to the American Medical Association, older drivers have a higher risk of traffic fatalities for multiple reasons, one of which is vision impairment.  The AMA cites that age-related vision problems – including diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and stroke – affect older drivers’ abilities to clearly see their field of vision.  As vision is one of the most vital functions involved in driving, it’s no wonder more older drivers are searching for long-term solutions for their vision.

If you’re an older driver suffering from age-related vision problems, Dr. Bovelle, owner of the Envision Eye & Laser Center in Glenn Dale, MD and serving the Washington DC metro, can offer a multitude of unique solutions.  Let’s take a closer look at how common age-related vision issues are redressed at her Center:

Cataracts:  In addition to offering cataract surgeries, Dr. Bovelle can provide older drivers with a number of lens solutions.  Multifocal lenses allow the patients to see better at both near and far distances, thus significantly reducing the older driver’s dependency on reading glasses.  These lenses have also been shown to improve intermediate vision, which is a crucial component of safe driving.

Astigmatism:  For those older drivers who suffer from cataracts and astigmatism, Dr. Bovelle offers a two-pronged solution in the form of toric lenses.  These lenses work to correct and reduce the astigmatism, all while improving the driver’s vision.

Glaucoma:  While glaucoma is a common vision problem associated with advanced age and near-sightedness, it can also present a major impairment to older drivers.  If left undetected, glaucoma can eventually led to cloudy vision and even blindness; therefore, early detection is crucial.  Dr. Bovelle is especially vigilant in glaucoma treatment, and utilizes the most advanced technology for early glaucoma detection: Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and  treatment with the Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT).

Diabetes and Hypertension:  Finally, diabetes and hypertension have both been shown to significantly impair an older driver’s vision.  Drivers who have these conditions (or who are at risk for them) should undergo yearly exams in order to detect and treat any vision ailments.  Keep your eyes healthy and strong.

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