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 Why Do You Need AmeriSciences?

It’s no secret we live in an unhealthy world. Our diets are extremely poor, with foods high in sugar, processed carbs, unhealthy fats, and chemicals being the norm. We don’t exercise nearly enough. Exposure to toxins and environmental pollutants has skyrocketed. Our daily schedules are hectic, and we’re constantly stressed out.

One of the main results of this modern onslaught of health threats is oxidative damage from free radicals. Rogue molecules that attack healthy cells, free radicals create a chain reaction that ultimately damages the integrity of the body’s cells, which in turn contributes to damaged tissues, organs and so on.

In short, unhealthy cells mean unhealthy organs, unhealthy systems, and unhealthy bodies.


AmeriSciences: The Standard in Molecular Nutrition

The answer to keeping your cells healthy is AmeriSciences advanced molecular nutrition—that is, the renewed intake of powerful antioxidants and other nutrients cells need to thrive. AmeriSciences has formulated industry-leading supplement products that provide superior-quality molecular nutrition for cellular protection. In fact, due to various scientific studies validating the products’ effectiveness and the company’s unique research partnership with NASA, AmeriSciences can confidently say its products are at the forefront of the wellness industry.

Why AmeriSciences products?

1. Joint research and clinical trials with NASA/JSC for the development of supplements for the astronaut corps

2. Recommended and endorsed by leading Health Care Professionals / Doctors throughout the US

3. Uncontaminated fish oils as they use small fish which are then highly purified; many fish oils do contain contaminants

4. Manufactured to ‘pharmaceutical grade’ standards in FDA regulated premises, unlike most vitamin supplements. Rigorous quality assurance tests for every batch ensures consistency of quality – what it says on the label is what is in the bottle

5. Formulated to dissolve in the digestive system within 60 minutes, many products are very slowly dissolved or only low amounts dissolve

6. At least 95% bioavailability (the amount available we can absorb), industry average is 50%

7. Higher quality standards results in AmeriSciences products being more effective than standard products

8. ‘Chelated’ minerals ensure that the body can absorb the maximum amount possible; this is not the case in many other brands

9. Continuing research with leading physicians, scientists and organizations like NASA ensures that these products are and will continue to be the best in the market

10. No artificial preservatives or dyes

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