With summer just a few short months away, you may be dreaming of beaches, barbeques, and days spent soaking up all that warm sunshine.  But before you start packing your beach bags in anticipation of a sun-soaked season, it’s vital that you include summer eyewear in any and all of your plans.

Not only is summer eyewear funky and fashionable, but it also serves a crucial purpose: it protects your eyes from the summer sun.  Protecting your eyes is about more than putting off those crow’s feet and eye wrinkles – it’s about preserving the health and well being of your vision for decades to come.

So why is summer eyewear so important to protecting your eyes from the summer sun?  Take a look:


The Summer Sun and Your Eyes

The main reason why summer eyewear is so crucial to protecting your eyesight is due to the fact that eyewear shields your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR).  UVR is incredibly damaging to the health of your eyes, and it’s not just due to the sunshine.  UVR can be transmitted via clouds, building surfaces, and a variety of other objects, which means that even on cloudy summer days, your eyesight is still vulnerable. When these rays come into contact with your eyes you could develop Pterygia or dry eye syndrome.

What’s more, UVR can even be reflected off the surface of your current sunglasses.  When eyewear is not made with protection in mind (as is the case with most fashionable sunglasses), UVR can enter the eyes from around the eyeglasses, or be bounced off the back of the lenses.  This simply means that unless your summer eyewear is specifically made to block UVR, you could be putting your eye health at serious risk.


Protect Your Eyes with Special Summer Eyewear

At Envision Eye & Laser Center in Glenn Dale, MD (also serving the greater Washington DC area, Bowie, MD, and Prince George’s County), Dr. Renee Bovelle will help you find the perfect summer eyewear that protects your eye health.  Dr. Bovelle’s range of summer eyewear is specifically designed to help eliminate the amount of UVR that your eyes are exposed to.  What’s more, her summer eyewear is also fashionable, which means you won’t have to sacrifice style for substantial eye protection.

No matter what your summer plans call for, be sure to protect your eye health with special summer eyewear from Envision Eye & Laser Center.  To learn more about protecting your eyes with a stylish pair of sunglasses fill out the form in the top left corner or call 301-805-4664.